A Quiet Place under an Oak Tree

CIMG5870.JPGThis small space on the edge of the much larger Sam Houston Park in downtown Houston is not one you can plan ahead unless someone began 100+ years ago by planting the oak tree.  The space gives me the feeling I think a rabbit would have when scurrying out of site under a bush.  The rabbit would look up through the stems and leaves to see if the humans were still there.

The rabbit and I have that in common as while sitting on the bench and looking past the tree’s canopy to the skyscrapers on the other side of the street and beyond I realize the giants are not going away and I have to go back to work.

CIMG5864.JPGAs this blog is targeted at those that develop public spaces I will set aside the esoteric view and say that my philosophy is when a public space takes me to a different place or time, even for a moment, it succeeded. That is not an original thought but one that I believe.

Some spaces provide an escape, some a peaceful or inspiring place and the best transport one to a new reality that includes all the others. How that is achieved is different for different people. My younger friends might think this place is a bit tame and best for us older types. But, even that thought is an indication they were transported to a different time. Those with children will watch the kids try to climb the tree and remember when they were a child and the trees they climbed–a different place and time.

If you want to experience this place then click here for a map of the location.

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