The Fulbright Public Space

Fullbright Tower EntryWhen Chevron moved their corporate headquaters to downtown Houston they moved into the two towers on Smith St. and out of Houston Center 3 that was known as the Chevron Building. So that made a great property available and the law form of Fullbright and Jaworski grab it. The space is at the Fubright Tower at the corner of McKinney and Caroline.

The part that relates to public space is that they re-worked the front entrance into a simple mini-park. There is no need to write about what you can see in the photos. Fullbright Tower EntryThe message to me is that even a law firm can step up and build a place for the general public to stop to sit. Or, when passing by enjoy the streetscape enhanced by a green space.  The photos do not do justice to how the green space at the corner of the intersection “softens” the intersection.Note that one of the first photo is from the skybridge immediately above. For those of us that work far above the street we can appreciate something below to breakup the monatany of horizontal and vertical hard faces.

If you are in The Shops go to the food court and take the skybridge to see this great addition to our urban landscape.


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