Layers in Downtown

An aspect about downtown Houston, and likely your city, that many mCIMG1695.JPGay not consider when rushing to work, the theater, a ball game or out to dinner is that there are layers that go beyond the streets, sidewalks and many floors of the buildings; even beyond the pedestrian tunnels here in Houston. Admittedly downtown Houston is flat–or seems to be–until you approach Buffalo Bayou on the north and west side of the Theater District.  The varying levels of public space provides an aspect of letting one “escape” that, for me, takes the space to another dimension. Continue reading


Discovery Green-The Ultimate Programmed Space

Photo of Discovery Green park in Houston TexasDiscovery Green is a privately built, managed and programed park on the east side of downtown Houston.  The original concept planning was lead by Project for Public Spaces (PPS) who lead two well attended full-day sessions in the George R. Brown Convention Center (see building in the background of photo) with attendees who responded to city-wide invitations.  Following PPS’s philosophy, the park has many separate destinations with something to do or participate in every day. Continue reading