Victory Gardens for Sustainability

SDC10341.JPGThe City of Houston is working to encourage sustainable aspects of life in the big city and one is to show how “victory gardens” can easily be started and enjoyed. In the case of the latest demo the garden adds a new dimension and reason for enjoying a great public space–Tranquility Park.

The first area created for container gardens is at the corner of Walker and Smith Streets in front of the City’s building known as 611 Walker. The latest location is in Tranquility Park across the street from the first. Click for Map. Continue reading


Urban Parks: A walk-thru or a destination?

The question in the title to this post comes from my good fortune to have been part of several exteMarketSqParkAerialGoogle.jpgnsive planning sessions for two parks in downtown Houston, Texas and working with the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.  The two parks I will use as examples are Discovery Green (recently built and in operation) and the soon to be rebuilt, Market Square Park.  Both are in downtown. The purpose of this post is to share what I believe is an important concept to hopefully peak your interest–then point you to the experts in park planning. Continue reading