Pocket Park at the Ball Park

IMG00272-20110729-1325.jpgAt Minute Maid Baseball Park–home of the Houston Astros–there is a privately maintained park space open to the sidewalk with perfectly maintain grass, plants, trees, statuary, and covered benches that are actually dugouts in the simulated ball field setting. As you walk to the edge and glance in the park you will get the feeling of neighborhood baseball games.  Next time you are going to a game take a moment, step off the sidewalk and enjoy the space, the baseball history and a serene moment. Continue reading


The Fulbright Public Space

Fullbright Tower EntryWhen Chevron moved their corporate headquaters to downtown Houston they moved into the two towers on Smith St. and out of Houston Center 3 that was known as the Chevron Building. So that made a great property available and the law form of Fullbright and Jaworski grab it. The space is at the Fubright Tower at the corner of McKinney and Caroline. Continue reading

Houston Center’s on-street garden

Houston Center space with unrestricted public access McKinney at Caroline, downtown Houston

Houston Center is a business, living and leisure complex of sky-walk connected buildings in downtown Houston. The buildings and the centrally located garden in this photo are managed by Crescent Real Estate Equities, Ltd. The garden, at the corner of McKinney and Caroline, is a great place to get away from the glass, metal and concrete world of the inner downtown Houston office towers. Continue reading

Discovery Green-The Ultimate Programmed Space

Photo of Discovery Green park in Houston TexasDiscovery Green is a privately built, managed and programed park on the east side of downtown Houston.  The original concept planning was lead by Project for Public Spaces (PPS) who lead two well attended full-day sessions in the George R. Brown Convention Center (see building in the background of photo) with attendees who responded to city-wide invitations.  Following PPS’s philosophy, the park has many separate destinations with something to do or participate in every day. Continue reading

Urban Parks: A walk-thru or a destination?

The question in the title to this post comes from my good fortune to have been part of several exteMarketSqParkAerialGoogle.jpgnsive planning sessions for two parks in downtown Houston, Texas and working with the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.  The two parks I will use as examples are Discovery Green (recently built and in operation) and the soon to be rebuilt, Market Square Park.  Both are in downtown. The purpose of this post is to share what I believe is an important concept to hopefully peak your interest–then point you to the experts in park planning. Continue reading